Ah denim, the subject of our dreams, the occupier of our minds and the show stopper of wardrobes alike. Now you denimheads out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Like children and pets, we want nothing but the best for our beloved jeans and we’ll do anything we can to keep them smiling and in tip-top condition. There’s many a myth floating about in the world of denim and we’re here to set a few of denim myths straight. It’s very easy to see a denim tip and as the eager denimhead you are, want to try it immediately and share your jeans with the world.

For experienced denimheads among us, what I’m about to tell you may come as no surprise. However, the growing and developing new generation of denimheads are about to make the same myth related mistakes we did, due to people in positions of authority giving their shoddy and uninformed advice, denim myths we’ve heard time and time again in order to impress us and win us over when as a matter of fact, all they do is take us five steps back in our journey to achieving wonderful companions for life. It’s time to screw the useless gimmicks.

You do not have to freeze your jeans

An odd concept at best, but usually the obscurest of concepts sound like they’ll reap the benefits. But please trust me on this one, it won’t. We are putting our faith in the premise that low temperatures are able to remove unwanted odours in your clothing and in turn, kill the bacteria that causes the smell. MYTH. This idea has been propagated by an innumerable amount of fashion mags and alleged denim experts online.

Now even the king of jeans, Levi’s, has their experts recommending wacking our jeans under a pair of frozen peas and it’s not hard to take his word as bible, I mean he is the founder of the company that epitomises American denim, but please hear me out. The freezer will not, I repeat will not kill odour-causing bacteria, as a matter of fact, it keeps them dormant until they warm up again. And then the little bastards you thought had been banished for good, are back right where you don’t want them. After thawing, this bacteria will just regenerate. Your bacteria ain’t going away that easy hunny.

Many jean wearers swear by the sub-zero way of life but I’m telling you they are just deluded and thinking they know best. It’s easy to think that you’ve cracked it when you remove your denim from the freezer, still waiting to defrost and odourless, but wait until they defrost and enjoy the gradual re-emergence of your body odour. Freezing is not the magical solution for clean and freshly smelling jeans, the only answer is washing them.

Wash your jeans when they tell you to

Every denim lover knows the 6-month rule, it is deeply ingrained in their subconscious. The belief being that leaving your jeans unwashed and gross for sixth months ensures the sickest of fades. Six months is just a guideline to give denimheads out there some sort of false sense of security so that they know what they are doing. It’s about getting the balance right and not being afraid to wash them when you know they need to be.

All we care about is not the frequency you wash your jeans but that you actually do it, at some point, puh-lease. As outlined in previous articles, here at Agreste, we stand by washing our jeans when they begin to smell opaque and use your discretion to decide whether to spot clean or wash them once they’ve been stained.

Interestingly enough, the top dogs in the industry tell us no-wash is the way to go, but they are endorsing these denim myths in the hope that you buy more jeans. This so-called advice may benefit them but it certainly isn’t benefitting you. Just make sure that when you wash them you use cold water, this helps minimize unwanted shrinkage and preserve the denim’s finish.

Although we don’t want unnecessarily over-moisturised jeans from too much washing, we also don’t want the dreaded crotch blowouts that become more likely if we don’t wash them. Washing is essentially to avoid breaks and rips – it’s all well and good having sweet fades but if you can’t show them off because your jeans are in tatters, what is in the point? Don’t let the dirty break down your dearest fibres.

To bathe in the sea, wear a swimming costume

You might feel like an absolute denim god swimming in the ocean wearing your jeans, seductively stroking and rubbing them repeatedly with dry sand, but it’s time to face the music; you look like a gullible divvy Tim. This supposedly gives you great fades. Sick fades are not dependent on sea water.

It is arguable that the salty content in ocean water gives the denim a stiffer and crispier feel but this is easily achieved with salt and a bath tub right? They also need to be washed thoroughly afterwards to avoid denim irritation and addition of more dirt and hard water. It is true that sand rubbing has the potential to speed up the fading process, however, it would take hell of a lot of sand and rubbing to make any real difference. Part of the beauty of raw denim, is growing with your denim and watching it flourish without trying to speed up the process – it’s like wanting your child to skip their baby years just so they can accompany themselves to the toilet. Cherish the journey.

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