From 24th to 30th April a “Fashion Revolution” campaign takes place. It aims to encourage curiosity to make people think about how and where their clothes were made, who made them and what their working conditions were. The campaign is diffused on social media through the use of hashtags #whomademyclothes and #quienhizomiropa.

This campaign brings to the surface questions surrounding the transparency of brands and manufacturers regarding their ethics and values of their clothes making. Transparency with small businesses is possible as they are often based on personal interactions between designers, manufacturers and managers on a local scale. Therefore the relationship between each stage of the process, from production to purchasing is vital.


For independent brands it is important that the customers understand the origins of the products they are purchasing. Today, through the use of social media, businesses give customers a glimpse behind the scenes thus developing a relationship with them. Therefore, communication and conversation at all stages of production can create a community providing well made clothing and a personalised service.


In a world dominated by globalization, mass production and a continual growth of chain stores, small businesses offer a more authentic product and a brand identity with their values intertwined with their garments. With a more realistic and caring outlook on creation, they aim to give the consumer choices to break free from global chains.

The environment

Ethics and ecological awareness are increasingly considered by customers due to the unbridled consumption of products and its role in mounting pollution. However, the reduction of transportation costs, often linked to local production, is a means of reducing pollution, thus little by little having a positive impact on the environment.

Made in Valencia

At Agreste, Valencia as our city of origin, is of great importance. Valencia embodies the brand values with its history and nature. We aim to develop the local economy and create an appropriate quality of clothing that is environmentally sustainable.

Who made your clothes? Do you think sustainability is important?


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