The piece of clothing that is never missing from your wardrobe, and that will always accompany you wherever you go, is your favourite pair of  jeans. The perfect jeans are comfortable, fit you well and go well with all your clothes. You can wear them in all situations including going to work.

However, finding perfect jeans isn’t easy and you usually have to try on a lot of pairs to find the right ones! To make it even more difficult you might have found your perfect companion, but you’re still aware that the average life expectancy of jeans does not come anywhere close to that of a human.

Don´t fret because we’re going to give you a variety of recommendations to repair your denim that will help to prolong the life of your favourite items in an original way, so that your style makes you stand out. If you dont want to have to go out on a hunt for your perfect denim every so often or if you’re interested in keeping your old jeans because you´ve become so fond of them, keep reading.

Internal repair

Instead of darning the holes the aim of the internal patches is to make them stand out, they become a ´window´. The best thing to do is to use patches that contrast with the tone of your denim jeans to get that small piece of fabric to catch people´s attention. You can also stitch on with coloured needle and thread to add some decoration. Adding this type of patch is very simple and in general some practice will be enough to do it.

External patches

Another option with which you can get the complete opposite effect by completely covering the hole from the outside. There are very diverse materials of different shapes and sizes that you can look for that are the perfect size of the hole, or you can choose one much bigger which takes up a large part of the leg, for example. Or you can even put in place a patch with an intriguing shape. It´s certain that you will find a patch that will represent your personal style if you look hard enough.

Boro Style

Boro is a style that has remerged in recent years that consists of using patches of fabric to create a rugged look with various layers of fabric. It´s a similar technique to patchworking and it is of Japanese origin. This style combines perfectly with denim and offers infinite creative possibilities.


No matter where the seam bursts there are patches that adapt to every, and any, shape of clothing. Nowadays the tendency is to throw away any worn out product as it is considered to have lost all of its value and no one thinks for a second to repair it. Perhaps you think that with the passing of the years and the resulting wear and tear, your jeans have lost their value and have had their day. However, there are repairs that you can carry out on your jeans that not only give them a longer life but also is a great way to give them some personal style and convert them into unique pieces of clothing with incalcuable sentimental value. By being in constant renovation they keep their appeal and the orginiality of their first day.

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