For those of you men who’ve decided to take the plunge and live alone, much to your mother’s delight, it’s time for you to learn a thing or two about the elephant in the room, making men alike lose their heads. How the hell do we care for our beloved clothes? Great question and lucky you, because I’m about to dumb it right down for you. You’re welcome.

It’s about time we drop the mentality of favouring those bargain buys over long term investments in timeless and high quality authentic clothing. The buy and chuck mentality we share as a society leads us to think we are all saving a fortune, when, in reality, we are putting a sustainable society on the back burner and idiotically putting our faith in shoddy craftsmanship. I have one word for that. Illogical.

So, you’ve just splashed your pay cheque on that pair of raw selvedge jeans you’ve been eyeing up for the past decade. Now you’re looking crisp and you’ve finally realised mother dearest’s regular shopping trips to the clothing section of your local supermarket just don’t cut it. So, it’s time for me to let you in on a secret and allow you to effortlessly maintain this elegance, bag your long-time squeeze and be the envy of your friends with these easy tricks.

Why bother with clothes care?

  1. Your clothing will look better.
  2. You’ll save some cash – it’s far more savy to protect your wardrobe than to continually replace your clothing and you can use your spare wonga to save up for that custom bike you’ve been after.
  3. Your clothing will stand the test of time – it´s not too late to rejig your messed up priorities and put your clothes care first – never forget that your clothes are your storytellers, your dearest companions, and ultimately extensions of yourself.

How to take care of your clothes?

  1. Turn clothing inside out before laundering to avoid, dare I say it, the dreaded fading.
  2. Soak any darker garments first, in order to avoid the running of colour and to ensure they don’t spoil the lighter ones.
  3. Avoid wire hangers as they can permanently damage your clothing by creating creases that are difficult to remove. Splash the cash on wooden hangers and you won’t regret it.
  4. Care for your cotton. Overexposure to moist conditions can lead to permanent damage – the only way to prevent the loss of dye and reduce shrinkage is to wash 100% cotton items in cold water. The warmer the water the higher the risk of bleeding and shrinking. Avoid drying in direct sunlight too.
  5. Always check your clothes care labels, as guidelines vary from item to item.
  6. Hold off washing your raw denim jeans for as long as possible, preferably washing them in a tub of water as it is more gentle and preserves fades and creases.
  7. Always hang your jeans.

Good luck to all you menswear lovers out there and remember invest in your clothes and they’ll invest in you.  

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